• One touch button operation for one, two or three drinks
  • Consistently shaves the exact amount of ice for each drink
  • Use for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages
  • Only 9 seconds of hands free preparation
  • Cleans in less than one minute
  • Durable and reliable for the largest volume users
  • Easy installation: Standard electrical and no special plumbing
The SB-2100 is the newest in equipment from Island Oasis and is the most advanced shaver blender system available today! While it has the same capacities as the SB-3X, the patented magnetic drive blender and cup have no clutches to wear out. The SB-2100 is also capable of making multiple drink sizes.
Versatile, Smart, and Priced Right!

110 Volts Only.
The EZ Blender was designed for low volume operations incorporating design features of more expensive machines. Its compact size combined with the durability and functionality of our quality polycarbonite jars make the EZ blender the best value!


Gourmet Ice System

  • Patented reversing auger design quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing.
  • Very simple to program and run with touchpad display, which also guides cleaning and preventive maintenance.
  • Refrigeration system internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance.
  • Two large 3 gallon (11.4 litre) hoppers for optimum cooling and serving capacity.
This machine will freeze a beverage in 10 minutes or less.  The Taylor machine will enable you to produce perfect smoothies, frozen cocktails, ice cappuccino, and much, much more.