Island Oasis Montana is the distributor for Island Oasis products throughout Montana, southern Idaho, and northern and central Wyoming. Our accounts include schools, hospitals, coffee shops, health clubs, restaurants, casinos, and bars.

Island Oasis is the undisputed leader in the fresh-frozen beverage business because of the quality, consistency, and convenience of our blended drinks. Island Oasis non-alcoholic mixes contain only premium-grade fruit and dairy ingredients. They are pasteurized and contain 100% of the RDA of Vitamin C.

Our drink products mix easily with liquors to create a wide range of cocktails. With 17 flavors and countless additional ingredients and garnishes to choose from, the combinations are as limitless as the ways to present them.

Our real fruit smoothies are a delicious and healthy alternative to soft drinks or fast food. Combine our wide array of fat-free fruit purees with our ice cream base or non-fat yogurt to make the perfect smoothie for a snack, meal replacement, or dessert.